Last updated July 12, 2021.

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  • Thought Leadership
    Speakers talk about winning strategies and dive into important themes and topics for our field.
  • Use Cases
    Speakers walk through real-life examples and share interesting learnings.

Track: Thought Leadership

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SpeakerSession Description
Spencer GrayCRO should be the foundation that all of your other digital marketing efforts rests upon. Through what we call our ‘Ripple Benefits’, I’d love to showcase just how CRO not only improves your conversion rates, but your SEO, Content Marketing, Paid Ads, and more. Testing is key and should be the foundation that drives where your efforts are focused.
Juliana JacksonExperimentation post-conversion or how to switch from buying journey to customer journey.
Divyendu MishraThe Key Factors To A Successful A/B Test. In this session, I aim to cover the key factors that people need to keep in mind while planning their a/b test. This includes the a/b testing program management, the retrospective analysis and the hypothesis creation along with the stakeholder involvement and the need to have them on board.
Jimmy BarberSTOP using DATA – this session is about the conundrum that “data is everything” – a mentality circulating at large the past couple years. There’s so much data, and we often find ourselves simply staring at metrics looking for “+” or “-” to make decisions. The objective of this session is to draw on thinking strategies from physics, of how to approach CRO differently, without any real “data”, to then gleam positive impacts to CRO.
Anil BatraHow to Build a Culture of Experimentation
Bithika MehraWhat holds us back: Women in experimentation

Why is it that all through school, girls outperform boys but that equation is flipped in the corporate world? Are there factors in our nurture (and possibly nature) that play against us? How do these factors play out in the experimentation space?

In this session – recommended for women in experimentation and those working with them – Bithika will help identify blind spots and hopes to help women and teams reach their true potential.

Track: Case Studies

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SpeakerSession Description
Akhil KapoorSoul of a User. The pandemic has disrupted the world and has developed new behaviours among people across the globe. The new normal addresses new challenges and expectations. The session uncovers our evolution on the internet and addresses the following questions
Melanie KyrklundLessons learnt from running global optimisation programs at large, complex organisation.
Deborah O’MalleyWhat’s the best time to send an email? A lot of research and data analysis has gone into answering this question. But yet, there’s no clear, definitive answer. In an attempt to resolve this question once-and-for-all, this session will present an interesting and surprising answer. Applying the results from a real-life A/B test case study, digital marketers will be prompted to think not only about email send time, but also their audience and how both aspects impact conversions.
Sina FakHow to use data to find hidden insights about customers and opportunities for optimization. It will be highly actionable and full of examples.
Ayat ShukairySeven lessons from running 22,000 AB tests

The average success rate of most AB testing programs hovers around 12%. Yep, for every 100 experiments you run, only 12 of them will generate an increase in conversions. That is worse than a coin toss.

Too many companies start AB testing hoping that it will deliver a great increase in conversions. A few months later, they are bitterly disappointed.

In this session, I will share the lessons we learned by analyzing over 22,000 AB tests on 700 CRO projects. These lessons paint the common patterns that helped us deliver upwards of 50% success rates on AB testing programs.

The lessons provide a strategic roadmap for a CRO project as well as tactical details needed while running the day-to-day operations.

Key takeaways
Attendees will learn what it really takes to run a successful CRO program (Time, resource, management, etc).
Attendees will learn the right balance between strategy and tactics when running an experimentation program.
Attendees will see an actual project management board running a CRO program

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