Marion Ravel

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Marion Ravel

A product growth and retention specialist, Aditi spent her early career in marketing and has been working in Product

AB Test / CRO / UX / Data analyst / e-Commerce

An entrepreneurial, passionate and data-driven professional, striving to improve website experiences and increase conversions. I have a credible experience of creating more persuasive and user-friendly digital experiences that increase sales and profits for e-commerce websites.

Other attributes and strengths of mine are:

– Highly organized with excellent time, attention to detail.
– Strong knowledge in AB Testing, e-commerce, Conversion Rate Optimisation, UX, digital analytics.
– Excellent ability to work in an international environment and adapt to a multicultural team.
– Fluent in spoken and written English and French – Spent 7 years abroad (UK and UAE).
– Credible experience of successfully improving online customer experience.


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