Angela Wu and Namrata Dhuru

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Angela (Chuyue) Wu

Data Scientist, Zulily

Angela Wu is a data scientist on the Zulily Experimentation Platform squad. She brings her expertise as a marketing and business analyst to the experimentation squad by ensuring proper design of experiments, interfacing with and educating experimentation stakeholders, and supporting the engineers with statistical methodology review. In addition to driving experimentation operational excellence, she enriches the people around her by virtue of her diverse background, which spans a quasi-professional tennis career, economics, international affairs, and Japanese


Namrata Dhuru

Software Engineer 2, Zulily

Namrata Dhuru is a data engineer on the Zulily Experimentation Platform squad. She brings her passion for analytics, data governance, and automation at huge scale to her role on the squad, where she recently designed and implemented the measurement and monitoring framework of the experimentation platform tech stack. An active participant in the company-wide Data Engineering initiatives, Namrata contributes her past experience in medical records management, financial data analysis, and database design to the early success of the squad. She is looking forward to her very first public speaking engagement.


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