Ayat Shukairy

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Ayat Shukairy (She/Her)

Co-Founder Managing Partner, Invesp

Best-Selling Author, Successful Entrepreneur, Authority on Marketing Optimization, Queen of AB testing

I don’t want to brag or anything, but no one launched more AB tests more than I did (22k and counting).

In 2006, I was helping clients run usability tests on their sites. But I kept on hearing a common complaint: No client was happy with their site conversion rates. With a little bit of luck and a touch of persistence, I landed my first enterprise client: Discovery. The excitement of landing my first large client made me forget that I did not have a process to increase conversion rates. With more luck – the project was a fantastic success, and I was determined to focus on CRO.

Fast forward to today – what started as a one-woman shop is now a well respected CRO firm. We have offices in two different continents and work with brands of all sizes (from the large: eBay, 3M, The Special Olympics, DishNetwork, Discovery, and many others to fast-growing startups).

I have co-authored an Amazon.com best-selling book: “”Conversion Optimization: The Art and Science of Converting Prospects into Customers.”” I have also spoken at marketing conferences globally (SMX, Brighton SEO, IRCE, IRCE, SES, Inbound, content world, the business of software).


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