Daniela Marquez

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Daniela Marquez

VP Product & Growth, Lovingly

Daniela Marquez is the Vice President of Product & Growth at Lovingly, helping bring the “in shop” flower buying experience into the online world. She is an eternal problem solver, with competitive fire. Always at her core, she loves how technology and passion amplify the opportunity for relationships to be built and strengthened.

Before joining Lovingly in 2017, Daniela has bridged technology and media throughout her career at Analog Devices, Avid Technology and NBCUniversal. Daniela graduated from the University of Michigan in 2006 with a dual degree in Electrical Engineering and Sound Engineering.

When not at Lovingly, you may find her carrying her kids on hikes (sometimes at the same time), poring over a crossword with her wife, or playing piano & trombone (mostly not at the same time).


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