Kenya Davis and Krissy Tripp

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Kenya Davis

Kenya Davis is an experimentation and data enthusiast that has built her career on creative strategy and team development. She has spent most of her career focusing on building and optimising enterprise programs that cultivate a culture of fast change, constant learning, and high rewards. Her experimentation community endeavors include previously speaking for VWO and serving as an ongoing participant in Experiment Nation’s podcast series. In recent years, her work has led her to playing an instrumental role across her clients as a leader for optimization, experimentation, personalization and product development. When she is not supporting her clients she is working on training and development for new to the industry peers and her Art & Design company of 8 years Artist Universe.


Krissy Tripp

Curious, creative, and competitive, I enjoy research and new projects. I’m driven by the need to understand the consumer, and I love when I can apply that behavioral knowledge to help my clients and their businesses.

Through my work at Evolytics, I am lucky enough to collaborate with some of the most forward-thinking digital analytics professionals in the world. We work with companies such as Intuit and Vail Resorts, building cultures of experimentation where statistics and ideas come together to create real business impact.


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