Noémie Sauvage

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Noémie Sauvage

Customer Success Team Leader, Kameleoon

Hi, I’m Noémie!

  • I’m from France and I grew up in the sunshine of Provence in the South of France (Aix-en-Provence).
  • I moved to Paris after my graduation,  and then had the opportunity to study in Beijing, NYC and London.

    These experiences abroad have definitely given me a taste for discovering and trying to understand other cultures and languages. 
  • I then stayed in London and worked for a strategy consultancy there for 3 years, before choosing to specialize in the digital world and more specifically helping companies define and optimize their onsite experiences. I had a great time in London and this city will stay forever in my heart !

    This is also where I developed a passion for yoga, that hasn’t vanished since, and I’m about to become a yoga instructor 🙂
  • I am currently a CS Team Leader at Kameleoon; been with Kameleoon for 3 years. I lead a team of 5 consultants and drive them on a daily basis to do their best to deliver top-notch service to our customers. I’m now passionate about the digital industry and how quickly it evolves, and how these evolutions can be translated into real life applications for businesses and have a real impact. 


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