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Welcome to Experiment Nation: The Conference (Rommil Santiago)

Hi, my name is Rommil Santiago and I am the founder of Experiment Nation. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to attend our first-ever conference. ...We have tons of CRO and Experimentation content for you - 9 hours worth in fact. Across the dozens of sessions, I’m confident that you’ll find something useful that you can use in your own practice. And if you don’t have time to watch everything today? That’s totally fine. Our sessions are 100% free, virtual, and on-demand. These sessions will be accessible to event registrants for years to come.

At Experiment Nation, we strongly believe that diverse thought always leads to better outcomes. In short, we believe that we are better together. Everything that we do has two goals in mind: to connect the experimenters of the world and to give them all a voice. Regardless of where someone is from, their experience, or their background - we believe that they have something to contribute to the community, and all they need is an opportunity to be heard. This belief guided how we structured this event.

We wanted speakers from as many countries as possible. We wanted equal representation - not only from gender and background but also from experience level as well because we don’t believe that only CEOs and industry veterans are the only ones with lessons to share. We wanted to have an event with speakers you may have never heard from...yet. We wanted to remove as many barriers between their insights and the world’s ears. We wanted to remove not only travel barriers, time zone barriers, and also stage fright-related ones. We all have to start somewhere.

And for the large part, I feel we pulled it off - though, admittedly, not perfectly. We wouldn’t be Experimenters if we didn’t intend to iterate off of the lessons we’ve learned.

What started as a simple interview with Jason Yang in 2019, has grown to be a website, multi-lingual podcasts, and now an event with hundreds of attendees - all because of you, the CRO and Experimenter community. Your passion for this field has fueled our efforts over the years and I wanted to thank you. Your participation and feedback have been invaluable to us. And once again, we are seeking your feedback.

We’d love to get your thoughts, not only on our event in general but for our speakers as well. If you are viewing this on the conference website, you’ll see a link to a feedback form. On this form, you can send specific feedback for individual sessions. This feedback is important for us to hold an even better event in the future. All we ask is that you submit constructive feedback.

As a thank you for those who submit feedback, the top 15 respondents will receive an opportunity to be interviewed by Experiment Nation for a future feature article. And that’s not all, the top FIVE respondents will also receive a free Customer Value Optimization course from Omniconvert (a value of $750 dollars). Finally, all registrants qualify for 10% off a first-year license of Liftmap.

So with that, I hope you enjoy the sessions, and I leave you with this: We are better together. Be kind and never stop learning.

We are Experiment Nation.
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