Not every insight is derived from an A/B Test – Finding the hidden gems 💎 in what your customers are saying to create an amazing customer journey.

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Curiosity needs to be a driver in every experimenter’s toolkit. What is going on in the head of my customer? What is really their job-to-be-done? When buying flowers, we typically think of the standard occasions: Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, new baby & sympathy. But if we were to structure our ecommerce website on those occasions alone, we may be addressing the majority, but we’d be missing out on the real motivation behind the purchase as well as other reasons people buy flowers.

By deconstructing the customer’s journey of buying flowers, we discovered a piece of data that was sitting in front of us the entire time… the card message. These wonderfully written messages were our customers literally telling us the reason behind their purchase. It drastically changed how we approached our ecommerce website, now centered around the gifter’s journey.